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The world’s most complete catalog of keyboard programming for musical theater, KeyboardTEK is the brainchild of Electronic Music Designers and Keyboard Programmers Taylor, Ethan, and Kevin (the TEK in KeyboardTEK), in conjunction with some of the music industry’s most accomplished artists. Evan spends many of his afternoons working on their quality control team to make sure their beautiful programming reflects the currently published editions of shows. Some of Evan's earliest MainStage experiences were with Kevin Roland's programming (pre KeyboardTEK) so it is a unique joy to work with that same programming even more closely! Check out their site for more info on rentals.

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Tapestry Unraveled is a Chicago based Carole King tribute band led by powerhouse vocalist Tina Naponelli and represented by Lisa Rock Entertainment. Evan serves as music director/arranger for the band and joins them in performances whenever possible. You don't want to miss this band; follow their site for performances!

Brilliance is a new musical penned by family team Lance Lewman, Kristan King and Gabriel Kane. Telling the story of 1940’s actress Frances Farmer, Brilliance takes the audience through her rise to stardom and fall from grace with all of the ups and downs in between. Frances’ story remains unfortunately relevant in the modern era through the stories of Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Demi Lovato and the 1.3 million other Americans in conservatorships. It is Brilliance’s goal to provide, not only an enjoyable night at the theater, but a deeper understanding and increased awareness of mental health in the modern era. For Brilliance, Evan music directed their Off Broadway premiere at The Players Theater and remains a part of the team as their musical supervisor and orchestrator. Check their website for future performances!

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